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Spring-Summer 2021
Philippe De Gobert
From the marvelous in architecture to the photographic tale

Philippe DE GOBERT (1946), LH 0442, 2019, digital print, 104 x 88 cm. © Philippe De Gobert © ADAGP, Paris 2020
Philippe DE GOBERT (1946), LH 0442, 2019, digital print, 104 x 88 cm. © Philippe De Gobert © ADAGP, Paris 2020
The André Malraux Museum of Modern Art in Le Havre invited me to do a photographic work inspired by the architecture and the special atmosphere of this city. The port city of Le Havre was almost completely razed in 1944 by aerial bombardment. The reconstruction of the city was then entrusted to the architect Auguste Perret and his team. After having depicted New York and its artist studios, I naturally took an interest in this port: starting point of connections between Europe and America (at the time of ocean liners like the France, or the Normandie). After a day trip to Le Havre, I began creating architectural models at 1/100 scale inspired by the buildings built by Perret in the city center and at the entrance to the port. I also recreated at a larger scale some parts of a typical Perret apartment. I photographed these different elements, in a studio setting, in front of a cloudy sky backdrop, working on lighting in order to realize the ambient photographs for an exhibition which will take place in Le Havre.

Extract from Philippe De Gobert's website